At least say “Shut up”

You know what I hate about today’s society? People are dishonest. People are too afraid to tell what they’re really thinking or what’s going on. I don’t mean this in the sense of being scared or anxious but in the sense of not caring at all. Fuck you! It just annoys me. Literally pisses me off. That stuff happens everywhere and every time!

First of all: Dating. I got back on tinder and messaged a friend from work immediately to tell him. He replied by saying that he did the exact same thing. ANYHOW since I downloaded tinder for the first time after I moved to the UK, I’ve always matched with that one guy – who I’m going to call Parrot, because he has this cute little parrot, that he’s constalty putting on his Instagram. We’ve always matched but never talked. I knew he was active, since his tinder is linked with his Instagram. He’s always posting stories and new pictures here and then. He even read my reply to one of the stories one time (he does MMA and I’m interested in that kind of stuff, since I did boxing once). So, as we matched again, I messaged him, saying that it was pretty funny that we always matched but never talk. He never replied. To be fair, I didn’t really question it, because he mentioned in his description that he was more active on Instagram and preferred being messaged there, which I did. But guess what? Dude never replied. I don’t know what made me so frustrated about this, since we never really talked, hence he owes me shit, but Jesus Christ. Say something! After contemplating with people from work, I decided to send him an email – I know, how craaaazy this looks but it just made me crazy. Why would he constantly match me and read my messages but not reply? So yeah, I sent him an email. And guess what? He never replied. What in the actual fuck? At this point it’s not even about meeting this guy anymore, but just getting a response. I unfollowed him on Instagram but left the match on tinder, because this is not worth my time. So… next!


Landlords and agents. I’m currently looking for a new place as I have to move out by the 5th October and have been messaging a lot of people on SpareRoom. Due to my experience with my current landlord/flatmate I’m not too excited about moving in with another guy on my own. So I keep messaging people, existing shares, live out landlords, agents – all people from that site. The weird thing is that most of the girls state that they prefer to live with males (okay, you do you). Sometimes I still message them asking if they definitely want to share with men only, because I’m hoping that we could still get along, you know? No reply. Okay then, I better message someone else then. Still, no reply. At this point I’m stressing out, because I need to move out by October the latest and all available places are either miles away or people are just ignoring their messages. Reading, but not replying or don’t even bother reading them. It gets even more frustrating, when they’re messaging me in the first place and when I reply – nothing. Dead silence. I have the rule, to wait for a couple of days and then ask again. Is the room already taken? Did they change their opinion? Same thing.


That’s absolutely ridiculous. I mean, at least say “shut the fuck up”. If one of them would just tell me to fuck off, I’d appreciate the communication, but this is stupid. This is annoying. Why would you not reply after giving me a sense of hope (for lack of a better word). If you are constantly matching me but not replying, the fuck do you want? If you have a spare room AND ARE EVEN MESSING ME ABOUT IT why in the world would you not reply afterwards? I’m fine with people telling me that they change their mind. I can’t deal with people not standing up and ignoring people. Just tell me that you just need those matches to show off or whatever, tell me that someone else already put the deposit down a day after you messaged me. That’s fine. Honestly. But don’t my time by sending me some sort of message, only to ignore the hell out of me. For gods sake.

I’ll catch you later

Miiesche ♡


3 thoughts on “At least say “Shut up”

  1. I admit that I sometimes do that, but that I’m trying to break that habit. You know, I don’t always speak my mind about someone, because I’m too polite and I fear hurting feelings. But if I keep that secret, I’ll hurt them more when I can no longer endure it.

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    1. I get that and to be honest there are times when I myself don’t reply – also a habit if I find someone creepy. I just don’t get why you would message someone or initiate a conversation and then decided not to reply.

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