Night thoughts #9

1:47 a.m. Why do we always have to justify ourselves for the things we do or believe in? I mean, whenever we don't play along or think alike we get asked why. "Why are you eating cornflakes with yogurt?" "Why are you cooking pasta so early?" "Why are you going to that city? You should... Continue Reading →


Five Guys with Ezra Miller

You know how people say that eventually you’ll find the one? Sometimes this is the only thing that’ll keep you going. I’m not specifically talking about relations of romantic nature but also including platonic friendships - soulmates even. Apparently there’s always this one person that you’ll eventually find or will end up finding you. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Pineapple on Pizza

I’ve been thinking a lot about myself lately. Maybe its due to the fact that my birthday just happened (October 10, same day as World Mental Health day) and me therefore getting closer to the infamous quarter-life crisis (because I don’t already have that, right?). Maybe it's because the results for my dissertation came in... Continue Reading →

It’s not just in my head

I’m on edge again - and I think, I’m going crazy. Well… no, I’m not. Since I’ve been diagnosed with social anxiety and depression, I started to understand myself a bit more. I know the difference of being sad and being sad, meaning depressed. I know when I’m just worried and when I’m anxious as... Continue Reading →

At least say “Shut up”

You know what I hate about today’s society? People are dishonest. People are too afraid to tell what they’re really thinking or what’s going on. I don’t mean this in the sense of being scared or anxious but in the sense of not caring at all. Fuck you! It just annoys me. Literally pisses me... Continue Reading →

Soulstriptease 52 Hz

This is not really a “Night thoughts” post but just a blog post I'm writing during night-time... while writing my thoughts down, chrm. Anyway this will be a mixture of some life updates and some random thoughts that I had in the past couple days now. For once I don't really want to talk about... Continue Reading →

Night thoughts #8

00:00 a.m He wanted a clean, quiet and friendly roommate, which I am absolutely providing and he's not. It's fucking midnight and he invited a bunch of girls, blasting music and starting their own karaoke. I told him to turn it down or at least close the door in the living room. Sorry. I didn't... Continue Reading →

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